The Little Book of Money

The Little Book of Money

Money is simply an energy tool. It is down to how it is or isn’t used that establishes its desirable quality. When you make the connection that money is bad and that you are bad for wishing for more, you are on the slippery slope.

The Little Book of Money is an excellent tool for helping you to feel comfortable about money and with this comfort being in a position to create more money than you could ever wish for, while not feeling guilty about it in any way at all.

My father used to say, “money doesn’t grow on trees” and as a little girl I’d say “it does, paper comes from trees” and he’d give me a wry smile. Energy follows thought. Thoughts are energy. The creative process begins with a single thought. So whatever your thoughts are about money will affect the flow of money in your life, positive or negative!

The Little Book of Money can help you to increase the flow of money coming to you. The Little Book of Money helps you to look at the thoughts you’re thinking and change them to thoughts of attraction so that you can attract into your life what you are wishing for.

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