If you perceive yourself as successful, that’s exactly what you’ll be. If you perceive yourself as unsuccessful, then that is what you’ll be. We are what we think we are! The Universe always has your back! You can be an achiever, achieving the things you desire! The Universe has certainly not blocked you from achieving your dreams, sadly you have. You’ve done this through your thoughts and feelings, scary, I know. Our thoughts and corresponding feelings create our life, and nothing ever happens by chance, ever.

Thoughts are electric and magnetic. We are human magnetic transmitters, and receivers of energy. We transmit and receive, what we mainly focus upon, therefore, what we give out, we get back. The Universe is a mirror, so what you give out, comes back to you like a boomerang. All thought energy is powerful. We live in a sea of thought energy. We sail the universal seas of thought energy moment by moment. We have to learn to navigate our thoughts and feelings, to happier ones.

To create the things we wish for in life, we must be aligned with them. Being aligned also means, we must be aligned with our best-self. Alignment with our best-self means, being at one with all aspects of ourselves, our well-being, and our happiness. Our biggest indicator of alignment is how we feel every day. If you flow with life, feeling good, expecting the best, and have purpose in what you do, you’re aligned. If you don’t feel happy, or have purpose in what you’re doing, you’re out of alignment. The great thing is you can change your mind, as changing your mind is easy. Change your mind-change your life!

To change your mind, you must firstly be present in the magical moment of NOW! Being in the now, means being aware of how you think, feel, and behave. It’s knowing that if you’re not feeling good, you’re either thinking the wrong thoughts, or doing something, or with someone that doesn’t make you feel good. Once you’re aware of your thinking, if it’s negative, you can turn it around, by thinking about something that makes you feel good. Feeling good means, you’re flowing with life. Make the things that you love and enjoy a priority, as this will project positive energy, for you to move into the flow of life, and in alignment for all you wish for.

May the force be with you

Annette x